Tjibbe Hooghiemstra  Sandy Island 2013

Tjibbe Hooghiemstra

‘Sandy Island’ Paintings is an exhibition of works on paper that explores ideas of nature, sense of place, visibility and invisibility. In 2012, Sandy Island was taken from the map because it did not exist.  Before that it was placed in the Pacific Ocean.  It was no fictitious  island, but just not existing.

All the works are based on Sandy Island.  The island as well as the surroundings. Real information in images about colour, experience, shape, climate, etc. Until 2012 it was possible to verify this with atlases and maps.

The works also deal with nature in general.  They are based on nature but could never represent nature.  The works are based on a specific place, and everyone will see it in a different way.  For some people that place will even stay invisible.

Tjibbe Hooghiemstra (1957) was educated in Groningen, the Netherlands, at Academic Minerva (BA) and in Ghent, Belgium, at Sint Lucas (MA).  He has been teaching at the art colleges of Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Groningen.

Hoogheimstra shows in New York, Tokyo and Europe.  His work is included in many private and public collections, such as the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Tellers Museum in Haarlem, Fried Museum in Leeuwarden and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.