Glenn Morris - Rest by the Wayside

Glenn Morris – Rest by the Wayside

Journey : Response to Place

A mixed media exhibition of sculpture, photographs and drawing by members of Sculpture Cymru documenting their individual artistic responses to places or sites in the landscape which have particular significance for them. The places, spread across the south, mid and west of Wales, are intimately known to the individual, as they are often visited as part of a walk or a regular journey.

The Project involved the creation of artwork responses to be installed or left at the specific sites. The exhibition shows photographs and documentation that were made of the artwork in situ along with other responses, such as drawings, prints and writing.

Susan Roberts was interviewed by Americymru talking about her work and her involvement in the Sculpture Cymru project Response to Place. The first show of the Journey:  Response to Place project will be at the Gas Gallery from the 26th February to 1st April.

Exhibiting artists

Simone Bizzell-Browning, Jane Fox, Andy Griffiths, John Howes, Dilys Jackson,

Alison Lochhead, Lyndon Mably, Glenn Morris, Gwyn Price, Sue Roberts,

Antonia Spowers, Matthew Tomalin.


Sculpture Cymru : Sculptors in Wales


Photograph: ‘Stealers’ – Matthew Tomalin

Photograph: ‘Rest by the Wayside’ – Glenn Morris