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Rebecca Backshall: Expansive

This series explores the transformational nature of energy; water, waves and flight.

Consider how people in the past thought about our natural world before science; the world that led our ancestors to create mythological stories, where seas were stirred up by angry gods and women could be transformed into a tree or bird.

I identify with elements of ancient mythological thinking. Even with scientific knowledge, the world feels so extraordinary that it’s magical. In the transformational nature of the world and life, energy does turn from one thing to another. The very atoms that define us confine us so temporarily – physically, mentally and spiritually – that change and the driving power of change are captured and released in every breath, wave, pulse and wing-beat.

Mythic archetypes offer a freeing visual language. Through them I come to an understanding of my own changing states; this never-ending process of expansion, contraction – regeneration.