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Journey West USA

28 March – 25 April 2015

Opening Night: Saturday 28 March, 6 – 8 pm

Stuart Evans Ladders

Stuart Evans: The American Journey

At Bandelier, where Pueblo Indians once lived in chalk caves, the only way to access their dwellings was by climbing long wooden ladders. Ascending these precarious structures led to thoughts about achieving status and security in a delicate and fragile world.

Whilst visiting these ancient Native American sites, National Parks and crossing numerous oil fields various themes kept emerging. 

Memories of this journey are fading, but ways of expressing the powerful emotional responses to the landscape and history are still being searched for.

Extract from Stuart Evans diary kept on the journey: Easter 2011

High above us in the massive cliff to our right we can see dark holes. These are caves in which the Indians lived. A few have long smooth wooden ladders leading up to them and we are allowed to climb up and enter these dark and mysterious dwellings.………………….The caves are small and round with light holes carved out of the rock at various angles. A few have paintings or ‘petroglyphs’ painted around them.

The ladders are tapered and very long,  post holes are carved into the rocks to accommodate them. The cliff face is peppered with these dwellings and as we work our way along the valley we discover more and more with some getting very high. The most impressive is at the very far end of the trail with a large cave opening out across the top of the valley. From here we have a spectacular view of the river and the greenery below. There is a chamber beneath this cave which can be entered through a hole in the ceiling. Inside it is very dark and dusty. Apparently women would weave in here. There are loom holes in the floor. The climb down into this chamber is steep and the air is cooler now as we descend. …………

usa 3Jenny Williamson: From Santa Fe to San Francisco

Jenny Williamson is originally from London. She studied Natural Sciences and History of Art at Cambridge University and went on to train as a Paintings Conservator at the Courtauld Institute of Art. She has worked as a Paintings Conservator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Victoria Memorial, Calcutta and the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Swansea and A, The GVAG, in Calcutta and now works freelance in mid-Wales. Photography is an essential skill for the documentation of the conservation process, and she learnt the process of B&W film photography at the Courtauld. Current conservation documentation is carried out in the digital medium but she continues to process and print B&W photos of her own subject matter in the darkroom at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

The exhibition charts her journey from Santa Fe to San Francisco in photography and  reflects on aspects of human rights abuses that have occurred in that region. Her work is shown at the same time as that of her husband Stuart Evans, which was inspired by the same journey, but expressed in different forms.


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