A local 19 year old photographer has achieved her dream with her first exhibition of her won display at the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth.Abbie Lewis

Abbie Lewis who was born in Aberystwyth is just 19 years old and completely self-taught. She says she prefers it that way because, “it can feel like a disadvantage because there is a lot to learn but I like the sense of achievement I get from working out how to do something rather than being shown it. I did do a GCSE in Art but I failed it. I started sixth form, then left in the first year and got a job at Pets at Home. It was great because it really built my confidence speaking to people. I saw they were looking for people to exhibit at the Gas Gallery so I sent an email to Alison Lochhead with some of my images and they invited me to exhibit. Before my job I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do something like that. It’s been an amazing year. I entered the Ffoto Aberystwyth Competition – it was my first competition – and I won the Freedom theme and I had a small exhibition at Somewhereto_  but this has always been my dream to walk into a Gallery and see my photographs on the wall and to see people looking at my photographs. “

Abbie Lewis Hidden BeautyWCShe started to take photographs on a family trip to France when she was just 13, her very first photograph was of a boat on a lake because she thought it looked lonely,  “my favourite subject to take pictures of are landscapes. My most popular images are in a black and white format, I feel in black and white they have a lot more emotion and it really makes you look at the picture and understand it. My main priority in my photography is to let people see the beauty in things and sights that we can all take advantage of sometimes. The most important lesson in photography is that you always have to think outside the box, one thing you can’t do is do what everyone else is doing. I am constantly coming up with new ideas and new angles to make my photography new and exciting. I think Art is about imperfections, sometimes a blurry photograph is right,  it’s not about it being a perfect image it’s about how you look or feel about the image. I think that’s why I didn’t get on very well in art class – it was about the perfect drawing. It’s funny though because in the sixth form art class they ask them to choose an artist who inspires them and one of the students has chosen me. It’s the same teacher who taught me Art. I really hope the teacher comes along to the Gas Gallery to see my photographs.”

Abbie Lewis: A Hidden Beauty will be exhibited at the Gas Gallery until 22nd February.