Welsh, Australian and American artists explore the 7kDgf9e8AlZ9EVp_HFYEZevkBcnWs6-epTehAV4I0fg,0D_1OSUOqh5F002l02JiPGZYxo6MJBxjr69abA4aiqY,buGgNKjOCJOI1gVgLXC6GzyjTt2G73FBJrOl7d6G8No,GCTNkBBxfwJznvK2s0zydAHWfvXfhh0GC00b6Mt45Hggeographical environment within us.

June 26 – August 7, 2015

Private View: Saturday 27 June, 6-8 pm

Free with refreshments

Aberystwyth School of Art PhD student Veronica Calarco from Australia has brought together Iwan Bala and Lee Williams from

Wales; Sue Kneebone also from Australia; and Kim Waale and Mary Geihl from the USA.

 The geographical environment that lives within us is physical. It is an environment with which we interact on a daily basis as it informs our identity, what we do and who we say Tribulation%206we are. It is composed of an area of land that enables us to identify language, culture, grounding us whether we remain in the place we were born or moved to a new location. Within ourselves we know that place even when we don’t consciously state it.

 We now live in a world in which we constantly move between places. Many of us uproot and move on. But when we move elsewhere do we lose the connection with the place from where we came? Do we identify as being part of the new place – its culture, language, and environment, or is the area of our birth always within us?

 This group of artists explore their individual approaches to knowing place.