Behind the Scenes of the Artist’s Mind

11 August – 17 September, 2015

Opening Night: Saturday 15 August, 6-8pm

Free entry with refreshments available at the bar

Chain Reaction is an experimental look at the process of making art. It puts in to focus the transformation of a single idea as it is passed between three artists. Over the last year, Suzanne Lanchbury, Beate Shallcross and Patti Keane have created a chain of creativity, with each link emerging as a piece of art. The results of the process come together in this exhibition of 52 vibrant works made in 52 weeks.

The first link in the chain was a title chosen by Beate. At the end of week one Patti interpreted the given words and worked towards a completed sculpture in response.  She picked out the element that seemed the most powerful theme to emerge from the week’s work and struggle. At the end of the week it was passed on verbally to Suzanne who took the baton and began producing her piece of work. The next week she then passed an element to Beate, and so the process continued.

The three artists kept a diary each week documenting every idea, sketch, trauma and cliché that surfaced in response to the previous work of art. In between their independent studio sessions they met regularly reporting their experiences and learning from each other’s perspectives. These lively meetings brought an abstract collaborative element to the process which helped them keep up with the demands of a consistently fast turnaround. There was no time for artist’s block.

The work will be on display at Gas Gallery until Thursday 17th September, accompanied by diaries and sketchbooks that give real insight to this creative process.

Visit the Chain Reaction website here.