On Your Doorstep: Aberystwyth

19 – 25 September, 2015

On Your Doorstep: Aberystwyth is a photographic exhibition celebrating the natural beauty to be found in and around Aberystwyth. This is the seventh stop on our UK national tour and we aim to show that you don’t have to go far to see Mother Nature in all her glory.

The Bizarre and Surreal bizarre and surreal_small

7 – 26 September 2015

Students from Penglais School, Aberystwyth have put together an exhibition of their work in order to raise money for the school’s Art Department. Art has a history of being neglected as a valid subject and opportunities for future generations of artists are constantly under threat. These young artists want to show that art is vital for learning about the world and how we experience life.




Ship of Fools (detail) by Suzanne Lanchbury Chain Reaction

11 August – 17 September, 2015

Chain Reaction is an experimental look at the process of making art. It puts in to focus the transformation of a single idea as it is passed between three artists. Over the last year, Suzanne Lanchbury, Beate Shallcross and Patti Keane have created a chain of creativity, with each link emerging as a piece of art. The results of the process come together in this exhibition of 52 vibrant works made in 52 weeks.



Open Photography Exhibition 2015 DSCF3520web

11 August – Sat, 5 September 2015

This exhibition aims to show some of the work of local photographers based on the subject “People”. This can be interpreted widely so expect a varied and interesting set of photographs which again will be selected by Christopher Webster from the Aberystwyth School of Art.


Knowing Place 7kDgf9e8AlZ9EVp_HFYEZevkBcnWs6-epTehAV4I0fg,0D_1OSUOqh5F002l02JiPGZYxo6MJBxjr69abA4aiqY,buGgNKjOCJOI1gVgLXC6GzyjTt2G73FBJrOl7d6G8No,GCTNkBBxfwJznvK2s0zydAHWfvXfhh0GC00b6Mt45Hg

June 26 – August 7, 2015

We now live in a world in which we constantly move between places. Many of us uproot and move on. But when we move elsewhere do we lose the connection with the place from where we came? Do we identify as being part of the new place – its culture, language, and environment, or is the area of our birth always within us?

This group of artists explore their individual approaches to knowing place.

Oopen 2 poster smallpen Art Exhibition 2015

9 May – 20 June 2015

66 artists put in their work to be selected by CliveHicks-Jenkins, who had a difficult task as all work submitted was of a very high standard. If the gallery was twice as large then all work could have been shown! As Clive said it was a pity there was not another salon around the corner where those that could not fit into Gas Gallery were shown, in good Open Exhibition tradition.



Jess Allen: Drop in the OceanJess Allen-Drop in the Ocean

29 April – 5 May 2015

Drop in the Ocean  is an invitation to rehydrate your relationship with water; to reflect on how we use it, why we need it, what it means and why it matters. It is an opportunity to remember how it feels, sounds, tastes, and transforms from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Stuart Evans Ladders

Stuart Evans & Jenny Williamson: Journey West USA

28 March – 25 April

An installation consisting of eight-foot lino prints, etchings, photographs and drift wood ladders, inspired by a trip made in 2011 when the couple travelled from New Mexico to San Francisco. It reflects on cultural rituals and aspects of human rights abuses that have occurred across the area.



Gini Wade: Mythographs2. Rhiannon of the Birds jpg

17 February – 25 March

Gini Wade, an esteemed member of Aberystwyth Printmakers, draws on myths and dreams, dance and celebrations… ‘with a dash of the dark side’, she says.


Richard Brown: Nothing is Forever

17 February – 25 Marchrichbrown

Upstairs Gallery

An eclectic mix of loosely themed sculpture, partially inspired  by a holiday snapshot, memento mori and the words of Angela Merkel…



Joanne Thompson: Cognitive DissonanceFront Room

10 January – 13 February

A selection of large-scale works that explore the interface between memory and experience.Working intuitively with various media, the works evolve naturally through a personal sense of the subject.



Peter Stevenson: A Cabinet of CuriositiesA Cabinet of Curiosities

10 January – 13 February

Upstairs Gallery

An exhibition of contemporary images from fairy tales, told through the ancient art of visual storytelling. The work is inspired by traditional Cabinets of Curiosity: a room or wooden box containing a collection of random objects and personal thoughts gathered through the owner’s acquisitive lifetime.