17. Late AgainPointless Exclamations: Woodcut Prints by Amy Sterly

6 December – 7 January

These days, the property market uses buildings as a commodity without acknowledging the deeper value of a house or it’s placement in the landscape. Sterly’s woodcut prints of rural scenes are subverted with comic asides to explore the cheapening of our own homes. Whilst the cost goes up, the value goes down.


Affordable Art FairMOTHER & CHILD 016

6 December – 7 January

Upstairs Gallery

A wide range of artists showing work at affordable prices. A great opportunity to purchase Christmas presents and support local artists.


Names and PlacesMaps & Makers: Creative Responses to the Cartographies of Ceredigion

8 November – 3 December

A collaborative project involving local artists and printmakers, writers and historians, schoolchildren, scientists and storytellers, exploring how maps represent – and misrepresent – the lived historical experience of a landscape.


Commitee_MeetingOpen Drawing Exhibition 2014:

Mark-Marking in Any Media

8 October – 4 November

An exhibition that celebrates the arts of drawing, running alongside The Big Draw: the world’s biggest drawing festival from The Campaign for Drawing. Works selected by artist, curator and tutor of drawing Stephen West.


Becky Knight: Olion | RemainsBecky Knight

4 September – 4 October

Exciting new work by internationally exhibited artist Beck Knight.  Her vision of the fragility of emotion as left by traces on every day objects is both technically expert and hauntingly beautiful.


Indigo Violet Larkin: water land darkness

4 September – 4 OctoberSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Upstairs Gallery

Indigo Violet Larkin uses a camera to suggest an idea of reality.  The result is a photograph that is as different from reality as a painting or a word.  She often uses low resolution settings and/or pre-digital cameras.  Sometimes Larkin’s photographs are produced performatively. Sometimes she paints with light, sometimes with a brush, sometimes with both.  Like all photography, Indigo Violet Larkin’s work is a mask of time.



CAT2013 Logo - Red - small

Ceredigion Art Trail Hub

1 August – 31 August

A festival of Open Studios at various locations across the county. It is an opportunity to meet artists and makers, to learn first-hand about their work and techniques, and perhaps to buy direct from the artist. The trail itself begins on 16th August, but we are pleased to host the Hub exhibition throughout the month to celebrate Ceredigion’s wealth of artists.



The German-Welsh Exchange:

Here and There | Hier und Da | Yma ac AcwThe welsh group

4 July – 29 July

An intercultural exchange project between The Welsh Group and the German Bundesverband Bildender Kunstler, marking the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. The project explores the relationship between Germany and Wales in response to their shared experiences of destruction, evacuation and creative transformation during the 30s and 40s.




Ag Cain: People, Posters, PlacesAberystwyth- Ag Cain

4 July – 29 July

Upstairs Gallery

Ag Cain applies his own gently humorous approach to posters, and the messages they give out. Today, the subject matters that most interest him are local places, people in situations, portraits, and slightly retro posters (a nod to the wonderful graphic artists and illustrators of the inter-war years).




Marged Pendrell PV invite imageMarged Pendrell: Vessels: Land and Sea

31 May – 28 June

An installation of votive boats and bowls of mixed media on journeys physical and metamorphic. Marged Pendrell’s work focuses on the land on which she lives.



Tjibbe Hooghiemstra  Sandy Island 2013Tjibbe Hoogiemstra: Sandy Island

31 May – 28 June

Upstairs Gallery

An exhibition of works on paper that explores ideas of nature, sense of place, visibility and invisibility. Sandy Island was supposedly sitting in the Pacific Ocean, but in 2012 it was erased from maps and atlases. This work corresponds with the island’s climate and landscape. Its once physical reality that was verified by maps is put in to question. Did Sandy Island ever exist?


Rebecca Backshall. Image by David KyleRebecca Backshall: Expansive

8 May – 27 May

Work by the Visitors’ Choice Winner of the Open Exhibition 2013. This exhibition explores the transformative nature of life absorbed in energy. It combines ancient mythology with a mental, physical and spiritual awareness to display a personal sense of metamorphosis.



Open Photography ExhibitionTim Strang Roma Girl

14 April – 6 May

Our first Open Photography Exhibition designed to showcase the wealth of photographic talent in Ceredigion. Exhibited works are selected by Dr Christopher Webster from Aberystwyth School of Art.




Annie Suganami me and meWAnnie Morgan Suganami: me, me and me by me (and more)

5 April – 6 May

An autobiographical series of paintings, drawings and 3D work that documents the artist’s personal narrative through life and her concern for how people relate to the world.




Glenn Morris - Rest by the WaysideSculpture Cymru

Journey: Responses to Place

26 February – 1 April

12 sculptors from the welsh arts collective Sculpture Cymru show their response to a specific place of their choice. Although the work is personal, they are connected through a sense of memory; disappeared, fragile, destroyed or lost landscapes.




Barbara Matthews: Hidden DepthsBecky Knight

26 February – 1 April

Upstairs Gallery

A visual response to the environmental effects of the old industries of Mid and North Wales. Using elements and remnants of landscapes that have suffered as a result, the work creates a sense of time and place of what might have been.



Michael Roberts: PaintingsMichael Roberts Face X.1W

24 January – 22 February

An investigation in to a hyperrealist rendering of the human face through painting. The work is also concerned with traditional realist painting techniques that promotes sensations of vision and touch.



Abbie LewisAbbie Lewis: The Hidden Beauty

24 January – 22 February

Upstairs Gallery

Photographs of objects and landscapes that are often denied the credit of the beauty that they deserve.