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Annie Morgan Suganami

Fi, fi a fi gan fi, (a mwy) me, me and me by me (and more)

An autobiographical series of paintings, drawings and 3D work that explores her personal narrative.

“I oscillate between abstract and figurative work and am equally drawn to both forms.  Although I employ drawing and mixed-media for a range of subjects, currently, it is figurative painting in both oils and acrylic that is my main focus.

I have three series at the moment: ‘Life-lines’, which documents my concern for the effects of climate change on mankind; ‘I’m not getting any younger’ takes care of my fantasy people as well as portraiture and self-portraits; and ‘Forms’ for my abstract work, where ‘boat/beast- of -the- deep’ shape seems to appear regularly.

I seek unity between material and subject matter and will never tire of exploring  the endless possibilities of paint to document my existence, my concerns, what excites and fascinates me in this life.”

Annie studied the flute at the Royal Academy of Music from 1969-1974 .  She spent the next thirty-five years performing, both musically and in theatre performances,  composing and recording as a singer-songwriter with acoustic group Cusan Tan, touring in Britain, America, Canada and Norway.

She taught the flute and voice for forty years and has lived in Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Vienna, London and Wales and was the recipient of six Arts Council Wales grants for composition, study, recording and performance.

Currently she is studying for a BA (hons) in the Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University.